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Alton trials : of Winthrop S. Gilman, who was indicted with Enoch Long, Amos B. Roff, George H. Walworth, William Harned, John S. Noble, James Morss, Jr., Henry Tanner, Royal Weller, Reuben Gerry, and Taddeus B. Hurlbut for the crime of riot, committed on the night of the 7th of November, 1837, while engaged in defending a printing press, from an attack made on it at that time, by an armed mob. ?c Written out from notes of the trial, taken at the time by a member of the bar of the ALton Municipal court. ALso, the trial of John Solomon, Levi Palmer, Horace Beallp, Josiah Nutter, Jacob Smith, David Butler, William Carr, and James M. Rock, indicted...for a riot committed in ALton, on the night of the 7th of November, 1837, in unlawfully and forcibly entering the warehouse of Godfrey, Gilman & Co., and breaking up and destroying a printing press. Written out from notes taken at the time of trial, by William S. Lincoln

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